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  About Me  

Well how does a rock musician write his profile? I honestly have no idea, so I'll just get to writing.

Born off parents who have 'good' voices, I was born and brought up in the city of Calcutta - now Kolkata. I started playing guitar at school when I was in my fifth standard. Hired a guitar for FIFTY RUPEES (About 1.5 dollars) per month back then since my parents were not sure what I would do with the guitar or would I really come around playing it. I grew up on the Beatles and mostly '80s and '90s rock that most of my music
is inspired from. I was so enthralled with the concept of music that I wished to study it, learn it and be the best in my field.

At that time music instruments were pretty much expensive (as they are now) and I could not afford almost anything. I remember playing on borrowed equipment and standing and gazing outside the guitar shop where my father would reluctantly come with me to purchase the lowest end guitars and equipment since let's face it - I could not afford it. Whatever - I was happy at that time and did the BEST with whatever I had. As most musicians do, I created a 'demo' tape and sent it to a few recording companies. Some companies surprisingly GOT BACK to ME but wanted a completely different style of music (looking at their marketing angle). After all in any industry - money talks, not voices. But alas - Coming from a family of salaried individuals, my parents and I knew that our country, India isn't really ready for Western music to dominate. Hence sometime around 1998 - I sadly left music and dumped all my guitars. Read my guitar story here.

For five to six years I listened to music everyday but I wasn't really in it. I went to concerts - watched guitarists and musicians playing and really missed my passion. So, in the year 2001 after groping in the dark, I started my own business in internet marketing and information technology. If you remember, I had said earlier that whenever I get into any venture - I strive to be the best at it. That's what I did with my business also. Starting out just with a glass door and a telephone I grew my business for the past five years, made a decent amount of money and here I am with a website now. I had left playing guitar for the last few years. December of 2005, I decided to PRESENT myself with a Christmas gift. I went to the local music instrument store and was AMAZED because that was the time I could afford EVERYTHING on the shelves! It was a feeling that I will never forget. The thought that there was a time when I never had the money and was SO MUCH INTO music and now the time when I HAD the money but I wasn't into music :) anyhow - I bought myself two rock solid guitars and for the FIRST time I could afford myself EFFECTS! Now, I am planning to remaster my music and compose all of what I had composed earlier in sheet music and bring them into the world of REALLY COOL MUSIC. Do keep visiting this site often and please tell your friends to listen to my music, I would be ever so grateful :) What I found out was Coming back to music after almost 7-8 years is that - YOU CAN TAKE THE MAN OUT OF MUSIC, BUT YOU CAN NEVER TAKE THE MUSIC OUT OF A MAN.

Now that I am all grown up, I look at my playing style and my music in a more professional way. The songs that you would hear on this site would probably sound unprofessional and amateurish. I wouldn't really know your taste :) But my friends and family seem to love them. You will also notice - my compositions are not very instrument oriented. So if you are loking at listening to screaming guitars and double bass drums, my music is not lke that. I would rate my music as "punchy" and tunes you can actually hum later: ) Do listen to them and please do write in my guestbook as to what you feel I can doto improve my music.

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